Friday, January 24, 2014

Houses, dogs, jobs, and television

Life sure is changing these days in my world!

We are putting in an offer on a house tomorrow. I am PRAYING this comes through. The house has some minor flaws, but it is pretty perfect for our vision. We have looked, and looked for months, and finally found a place we could really see ourselves calling "home". It is 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, and has a HUGE yard for the doggies.

Oh yeah! I said doggies. We recently adopted a sister for our little Lola :-) We brought Sasha home almost 2 weeks ago, and she is loving life!  She is still only a puppy (around 8 mos old) and had a rough start to her life. She was abused - and when I say abused, she was burned all over her body. Her face looks like it took the brunt of the burns. She was also severely emaciated (read: they starved her), and not house broken. We think she might have been used as a bait dog but cannot be 100% sure. She is a pittie mix and just gorgeous! Her wounds have healed, and her little personality has begun to shine. She loves Lola, me, and the fiancĂ©. We could not be any happier :-)

And television… SO I last wrote that I was to be on The Steve Harvey show. The episode aired on 1/8, and it was revealed that me, and 5 other brides-to-be, will be part of a bridal boot camp! It is going okay so far. I have had some time management issues with working out… and then I got sick AGAIN! So, I have been doing what I can. My loss has not been super fast, but I am losing… and that is most important :-) We are taping a halfway check-in segment next Thursday. The final taping will be 3/4, so keep prayers-a-comin' and wish me luck on this journey!

I also started my new job this week. I work for a HUGE ad agency in downtown Chicago. So far so good! The people are great, and the environment is super creative. I cannot wait to dig my heels in and get cracking on actual projects. Again, wish me luck, and send some good vibes.

Life changes too fast nowadays. I am grateful for my loving, and supportive fiancé, and the wonderful network of people in my life. Thank you guys - I love you! Until next time...

Thursday, January 9, 2014

News, news, and more news!

I cannot express how exciting the last 2 months have been in my life. I am feeling very blessed right now, and could not be happier! SO many great things have happened and continued to happen...

I posted about me being on The Steve Harvey Show :-) Well, it aired yesterday and all I can say is I am so very humbled by all of my amazing supporters! It was revealed that we are doing a bridal boot camp for the next 8 weeks courtesy of the show! In addition, they are providing us with a personal trainer (Traci D. Mitchell), and fitness classes. We also have exclusive access to Hungry Girl's new diet plan. Her book is not being released until the end of March, so this is an honor :-)

Everyone can keep up to date with our progress etc. on the show's website here!

In addition, I know I mentioned looking for houses. We are seeing a few more this weekend, and I am hopeful one of them is THE house. We have switched gears and started looking again in the suburbs. I guess I have to put on my big girl pants sometime and think about things like oh, school districts, taxes, and where we will get the most bang for our buck. Might as well be now! Wish us luck.

I also signed the contract with the florist almost 2 weeks ago. We got a STELLAR deal on our flowers, and are getting so much for the cost! Aberdeens, you guys are amazing!! I love my consultant and cannot wait to see the end result.

The last piece of news is a HUGE change in my life. I decided to leave my current position with Peapod, and accept a project management position with Ogilvy and Mather. I am just in awe. They recruited me via LinkedIn. The opportunity is so exciting for me, and I had to make the tough decision to leave the great people I work with, or stay. I decided to take a gamble. I start a week from Monday.

Lol, some people are telling me I am NUTS for doing so much at once. But I don't know any different. I am always on the move, and always taking on more than my share. It is just inherent in my being. I supposed the adage is right - Life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you react to it. I am not freaking out. I am taking everything in stride. I can handle it. I have a lot of people in my corner who will continue to support me through everything. I believe all things happen for a reason... and while I may not know the reason right now, I will sometime in the future. All I know is that I am going to enjoy all of this :-)

Wish me luck on my first ass kicking on Sunday! I will keep y'all posted on how it went! And PLEASE make sure to follow us on our bridal boot camp journey.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My new motivation

Besides being a bride-to-be, I have found a new motivation to stay on target. I suppose I need to back up a little, huh?

**PLEASE make sure to tune into The Steve Harvey Show tomorrow, Jan 8th to see me, and my girls! Check your local listings for time and channel!**

So, that being said, I have a new motivation. The only thing I will reveal about tomorrow's show is that I am part of a bridal boot camp. I want to surpass my goals this year, and start doing photos as a pin-up girl.

I set a goal by the end of this month for myself, and if I reach it, I will also be getting more ink. More ink = more gorgeous (in my opinion) for pin-up girls.

This is my new #2 goal. My #2 motivation. #1, of course, is to look STUNNING in my wedding gown :-) Once I achieve that, this will be my main focus!

I am also motivated by all the positive people, and things going on in my world as of late. Fiance and I are currently looking to buy a home (already pre-approved too!!). AND I have another wonderful piece of news to share. Soon! I can't say anything until it is known news, but trust me, it is stellar news!

I am on a new, positive path this year. Well, to be honest, I have been trying to get on this path for a few months. Things started to heat up (in a good way) in the last month and a half. It is just lovely. I could not feel more blessed if I tried :-)

I hope you are all having a wonderful New Year so far. Will write more again VERY soon xo

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Things have been happening!

It has been a few months since I last posted. And all I can say is WOW! Things are really happening in my world!

Last I left off I was talking about how "the" dress was not really "THE" dress. Well, I am please to share that I sold it! And not only did I sell it, I sold it to someone who was going to donate the dress to an amazing charity - Brides Across America. This is an AWESOME organization dedicated to helping give back to our troops by donating wedding dresses to military brides. How cool, huh? It really made me happy to know that the dress was going to such an amazing cause.

So, yeah, that dress was sold... and my mom picked out THE  dress :-) It is STUNNING and I cannot wait to share photos AFTER the wedding! All I can say is that it is an Oleg Cassini, and I got it for a steal! He is the same designer who used to dress Jackie O. So you can only imagine how amazing this dress will look!

Also, my 7 lovely ladies found their dress!!  I was please because all were able to come to the store, and play dress up for a few hours. It was a really nice afternoon. And I am thrilled they got their amazing dresses for the wedding.

I also found our final invitations! I got those for an amazing price during Black Friday. I am going to sell the blank ones I bought on eBay or something. Those are also beautiful invitations, but I really wanted to go pre-printed. I cannot wait to show those examples soon too. Our save the dates will be going out in a few weeks, and I will post those pics once they are sent.

AND... for the biggest news of the day... I AM GOING TO BE A GUEST ON THE STEVE HARVEY SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I already taped the episode this past week, and it will air on NBC January 8th, 2014 at 2pm CST. Set your DVRs now :-) I can't reveal a lot here yet... but will be more than happy to after the air date. I will also want and need support.

And the last piece of good news I got today... I just won $200 toward my wedding flowers! I am so grateful for this, and all off the amazing things that have been coming my way lately. It feels so nice. I am truly blessed. Everyone has been really rallying around me lately. It is a nice feeling :-)

I have even reconnected with some old friends, and THAT is always a nice thing. 

I really want to go on but I am going to close this entry for the time being. It has been too long since I last posted. I promise to be better about it from now on! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend xo <3>

Monday, September 16, 2013


So, I previously posted that I was selling my Vera Wang wedding gown.

I am still doing that but NOBODY is bidding on my eBay auction. I even posted on Craigslist and nobody contacted me from the ad. I also posted on WeddingBee, Tradesy, and OnceWed and nada. Etsy is not an option since it is not a handmade gown.

Can ANYONE help direct toward additional sites? Also, if anyone has any advice how to entice people to buy, that would be great!

I don't want to put the dress in a consignment shop because I do not want to pay a commission.


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Wedding Dresses and Mind Changes

I went to go see my folks last weekend, and wanted to try on my wedding dress again. Mind you, I still had the dress from China there.

I put on "the dress" and I have to be honest... it did NOT feel like the one. It just didn't. Vera Wang has some great dresses. But when I tried this dress on again, I felt frumpy. It did not feel like an elegant ball gown dress. I felt like a cream puff. It was not cute.

I tried on the China dress again - just to see. It felt more like a wedding dress than it did before. Despite the stains and erroneous color, that dress was everything that I sought in MY wedding dress. I felt stunning - elegant, light... I felt like a bride :-)

I had a feeling I was going to change my mind on the Vera Wang dress. I just knew it... and that is okay. This time, I am going to go to the store with my mom and sister and do it the right way. Plus, I really want to have that experience with the two of them. I am only doing this whole wedding thing once so I want to do it the traditional way. And I really want my mom there this time :-) As much as I don't always like to admit, she WAS right!

Keep your fingers crossed that I can sell the Vera dress within this next week. I am eager to get out to the stores with mom and sis sooner rather than later. I don't want to rush a purchase again, but I DO want to have enough time to look, try on, and decide.

Yeah, I won't be posting pics or anything like that... well, maybe of me trying on dresses that didn't make the cut, but that's about it.

This is a big deal. I want to be amazed by this dress! And, I will know which dress is the one when I can see myself walking down the aisle to Jake in said dress <3>

And here is the dress that is NOT my dress:

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Water fasting

Wow! It was an amazing thing to experience.

I did not make my 21 day goal. But guess what? That is OKAY! I am very proud of myself. VERY proud :-)

I cannot tell you how much better my body feels after going through an experience like a water fast. I wound up doing 13 days total. In those 13 days, my eczema cleared up and went away. My infected toe healed. My ovarian cyst went away. My acid reflux stopped. My sleep improved 250%! I dropped 20 lbs of body fat. My alcohol craving disappeared. My cravings for "bad" foods stopped. I have not had a drop of alcohol nor have I had had a social cigarette in almost 3 weeks.

2 weeks. Can I tell you how awesome that feels?? I fully intend on incorporating intermittent monthly fasts to my regimen. It feels great! My body has never felt better.

I am also going to embark on clean/low carb eating from here on out. Now, as I have mentioned before, I know there may be times (very short times) where I stray. But I will never let my body get that out of whack again. Ever. My health is WAY too important to me to continue to fill my body with nasty toxins.

I also plan on maintaining the loss I achieved while fasting, and getting to ultimate goal - dropping the last 20-25 lbs. This is the start of a new lifestyle, and it feels so great. I put my health in the backseat for the last couple of years, and now I am stopping that pattern.

I will now return to blogging about my awesome wedding, and life in general. Plan on seeing some more health updates too.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Day 12 water fasting - A love letter of sorts

Over the last week, someone I have known for a long time, and been friends with, has been coming down on me for my journey. And when I say coming down on me, I mean being extremely harsh, and judgmental of not only me, but the people who have been supportive.

As many of you know I started what was to be a 21 day water fast 12 days ago. I went into this armed with a ton of information about what to expect, how it would help my health etc. I knew what I was in for... And my blog is one of my outlets to talk about these experiences. I have not hidden anything from anyone here. I may not be as verbose as I want everyday, but I am honest about the side effects and the weight loss associated with this fast. Sure, weight loss might be motivating for some, but in this case, it was not why I started this fast. I expect to gain some weight back... and I have no problems with that.

I have had several health problems over the last couple of years... health problems that if this person would have bothered to ask, they might have better understood my motivation. Instead, they chose to make their own assumptions. They went as far as telling me I was anorexic, and my blog makes me sound like I have an eating disorder. In my eyes, that crossed the line. Had he taken the time to read all the other posts leading up to this whole fast, he would've seen that the majority of this blog has been dedicated to my wedding talk.

Have I struggled with body issues in the past? You betcha! Have most women? You betcha! Do men struggle with body issues? Of course they do! This person needs to take this into consideration...

I am not an anorexic. I do not have an eating disorder. My fiance lives with me every day and if he even had the slightest thought that were the case, he would not have supported my decision. I do not need to defend myself any further about either of these topics. This person, whom I do not speak to on as regular a basis these days, made these statements without really knowing anything that is going on in my life outside of Facebook posts, and this blog. And to him I say you should have spoken to me about your concerns rather than making up your mind about something you know nothing about. I appreciate your concern... but you have hurt my feelings, and angered me more than you know.

That all being said, I have been sick the past 2 days. Nothing major to write home about... but I listened to my body yesterday and my body needed to eat something... something to refuel me a little more than water could do at that point. I stayed home from work today too, and may need to take it easy over the weekend. Either way, I fully intend on finishing out 11 more days of a water fast. I was going to start again today, but decided tomorrow would be better. I am looking forward to finishing out what I started in the first place. Did I need to take a couple days off in between? Yes. Does that make me a failure? Hell no! I went further than so many people and I am proud! I fully intend on incorporating intermittent fasts into my lifestyle. It is a great way for me to let my digestive tract rest and repair itself.

Just remember, do not judge someone for their choices unless you fully understand all the reasons behind them... There are so many "old adages" I could say here but there is no need. To the unnamed man - maybe one day you will try to research this a little more and form a different opinion. If not, that is totally your choice. Just know that I feel very differently about this topic than you feel.

I will be back to regular water fasting posts tomorrow. Have a great day, readers!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Day 11 water fasting - I am over the negative words

I am REALLY getting pissed off at one particular person for continually insinuating that I am an anorexic.

Would an anorexic publicly announce what they are doing? No. There is shame involved with that.

If people can't understand the reasons behind what I am doing then so be it. I am done defending myself. Done trying to explain shit to people. Do your own research. If you have enough balls to come down on me at least have the balls to read up on things.

I am fully prepared for all of the effects I am experiencing regardless of how many time I complain. I KNEW what I was taking on... And I have to say I am stronger than ANYONE thinks. I will get through this. And I will be okay. I will be even stronger and healthier. So how about not saying anything from here on out, ok?

Day 11 water fasting - I wanted to quit

I wanted to quit last night. No joke. I was THIS close to eating something... and my fiance and my good friend talked me off the ledge. I did have miso broth again, and it was much better than the last attempt. But last night was just bad. I was ravenous... and up until that point my hunger has (mostly) been manageable. I kept telling myself that I could just start again today. That it would be okay to have ONE night... and then Jake said what I needed to hear - did I want to undo ALL the good I have done over the last 10 days? Did I want to throw it away for ONE night? Was I going to feel guilty and beat myself up (yes)? So, I opted for the miso broth to somewhat help quell that feeling.

I wonder if it is because I am starting another phase of detox...? I don't know. I suspect that to be the case though because I woke up this morning feeling like death. My throat hurts. My eyes hurt. My jaw hurts. I want to go back to bed and just sleep.

My weight loss has slowed over the last couple of days and I somewhat expected that. I am down 0.6 more lbs. I am okay with that. I did notice the drastic body changes this morning more so than previous days. I am just amazed how much it has changed over the course of only 10 days.

I just want to get past the sickness or detox or whatever is going on. I want to sleep. And I feel like the worst puppy mommy because my little baby just wants to walk and play all the time and I have no energy :-( I feel like I am depriving her everyday I worry about myself. *sigh*

I hope these next 10 days go by fast. I am looking forward to at least the option of eating again.